General Activities


The partnership started with carrying out a research regarding the different national school-to-work systems and the various work-based learning approaches in the partner countries. The research was done in the months October to December 2015 and lead to an overview summarizing the findings. The report was finished by February 2016 and is available for download at the outcome section.


Following, the partnership elaborated an appropriate questionnaire to be used in the online survey on national transition systems. The aim was to receive a response regarding the satisfaction on the specific national system and the work-based training approach. The survey was addressed to the main stake holder groups affected by WBT, namely teachers, trainers and students. The questionnaire is available in all partner languages and accessible via the project website.


The online survey finally was carried out in the months May till September 2016 in all nine participating partner countries. All in all, 562 questionnaires were collected, generally 20 questionnaires per target group per country.


Currently, the partnership works on the evaluation of the extensive data collected in the survey. Little by little, the findings will be documented and ready for download via the section “outcomes”. There will be a Report on Findings including specific Country Reports. This work load will be finished by April, 2017.


As final product, there will be a Manual on Work-based Training published by the partnership documenting the work carried out and the findings received as well as illustrating examples of good practice on WBT.