CFL Soderhamn (SE)

SE_logo cfl_neuThe vision of growth. Centre for Flexible Learning, CFL, is Söderhamn’s arena for adult learning. It is a public organization, within Hälsinglands Utbildnings-förbund. CFL offers flexible learning for individuals, businesses and organizations. CFL is also a meeting place and a study environment, open for everyone. We look upon lifelong learning as the key to both personal development and growth of our society. We believe in people’s ability and willingness to evolve. We believe in cooperation, locally and globally. You are welcome to us. Together we make the vision of growth into reality.

CFL puts the human in the center and believes in everyone’s ability to develop. CFL’s role is to be a mentor in life-long learning. CFL’s guiding principle is that learning should be as flexible as possible for the individual. This means that the student in high degree can decide where, when and how he or she wants to study. CFL is constantly working to further develop the flexible learning.

As a learning and training centre for all types of adults and young CFL buildingadults, CFL runs in-house education, distance education and VET in the municipality of Söderhamn, a coastal city in the rural northern part of Sweden. CFL also organizes a 3 years health care programme for youth on upper secondary level. CFL has about 60 full time staff and 900 students in part- or fulltime studies on various levels, from basic education up to higher VET and university level. CFL is a member of the Hälsingeutbildning, a distance learning network.

CFL has coordinated many local and regional projects, both EU (Grundtvig, Leonardo, Comenius) and domestic. CFL is one of five learning centres that has been selected as “best practices” in Europe by a study initiated by the European commission (DG Education and culture). CFL is the national centre for UNESCO/UNEVOC in Sweden. The CFL is appointed by the “Investor in People” quality system.

CFL is also an arena for research and development, R & D. Thus all skill levels are represented in the CFL. To have R & D operations in Söderhamn, which is not a college or university town, is quite unique. It is of great importance for the development of enterprises, organizations and society as research based on the needs that are here. The research is largely based on participation and dialogue with those who live and work in Söderhamn.


CFL Soderhamn
Sodra jarnvagsgatan 7 – 82680 Soderhamn