Besides the different activities, the partnership will produce a ‘Manual of Good Practices’ as a core product. The Manual is designed to be a useful guide for teachers and trainers who want to get acquainted with different approaches and methods of work-based training, especially when working with disadvantaged young people. The Manual will summarize the findings from the overview and the online survey and will focus on examples of good practice.

After completion all outcomes of the project will downloadable from this section of the website.

Product                                                                                       Language Download
Newsletter No 2 falg_EN here
Newsletter No 2 – БЮЛЕТИН бр. 2
flag_BG here
Newsletter Nr 2 Flag_DE  here
Report on Findings – Evaluation of Online Survey falg_EN here
Auswertungsbericht zur Online-Umfrage mit Länderbericht Deutschland Flag_DE here
Questionnaire and Compendium of Terms on school-to-work transition and work-based training falg_EN here
Newsletter No 1 falg_EN here
Newsletter Nr 1 Flag_DE here
Newsletter Nr 1 – Bülten Nr. 1 flag_TR here
Newsletter No 1 – БЮЛЕТИН бр. 1
flag_BG here
Overview on school-to-work transition in European partner countries falg_EN here
Project leaflet (EN) falg_EN here
Project leaflet (DE) Flag_DE here
Project leaflet (IT) flag_IT here
Project leaflet (TR) flag_TR here
Project leaflet (PT) flag_PT here
Project leaflet (MT) flag_MT here
Project leaflet (BG) flag_BG here
Project leaflet (SE) flag_SE here
Project leaflet (RO) flag_RO here
Project leaflet (SLO) flag_SLO here