In this section you will find useful links to relevant documents issued by European or private authorities related to work-based learning.

Bibliography Link
NetWBL – Network of 29 European national agencies, coordinated by the German National Agency
EUNET – European Network for Education and Training
Euroapprenticeship – Mobility of apprentices in Euope
Validation, recognition, accumulation and transfer of units of learning outcomes in Tourism & Catering
CEDEFOP: Developing apprenticeship, Briefing Note May 2014
CEDEFOP: On the way to 2020: data for vocational education and training policies, Research Paper No 145, 2015
CEDEFOP: Spotlight on VET – Anniversary edition: Vocational education and training systems in Europe, 2015
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European Alliance for Apprenticeships
European Commission: Work-Based Learning in Europe – Practices and Policy Pointers, 2013 Work-Based Learning in Europe (pdf)
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European Parliament: Dual Education: A Bridge over troubled Waters? 2014 DUAL EDUCATION: A BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATERS? (pdf)
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 VET@WORK – Recognize and Validate Skills and Qualifications gained by school and work experience, Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership Project 2014-17