Fourth transnational Meeting

Fourth meeting held in Söderhamn/Sweden, June 9th – 10th 2016

IMG_0461The fourth two day partnership meeting was hosted by the Swedish Center for flexible Learning (CFL) in the little town of Söderhamn some 200 km north of the capital Stockholm. The main focus of this meeting was laid on the ongoing Online Survey on work-based learning which has been in function since 1st of May. The meeting was to monitor and secure the smooth running of the online survey and to work on the up-coming evaluation of the collected data. Since there will be 3 questionnaires addressed to the different target groups of teachers, trainers and students with a pool of 20 to 40 questions, it was necessary to agree on a selection of most relevant questions where the evaluation should focus on. This selection was made in a fruitful group work session and at the end a decision was made. Furthermore, it was agreed on how the data will be edited and formatted for the survey report.

IMG_0469Another working session concentrated on organizational matters regarding the requirements needed for the up-coming Progress Report after finishing the first project year.

The meeting was surrounded by an interesting cultural program like a tour through the modern equipped premises of the center and a social dinner in the picturesque fishing village of Skärsȯ in the north of the city.