Second transnational Meeting

Second meeting held in Zagorje ob Savi/Slovenia, January 8th – 9th 2016

In the early days of January 2016 the partners came together in order to revise the work done so far and to agree on the next steps. Besides the partner organisations, the conference also was attended by Mrs Kissing from ‘EuropaFörderung Wuppertal’ as cooperative partner of the WBT project.

work session_SLOThe first day started with the revision of the survey on the national work-based training approaches undertaken in the month Oct to Dec 2015 by the partners. The findings of the survey will be summarized in an Overview on the various national work-to-school settings and the specific WBT approach. All partners contributed to the report which now will be finalized by the Maltese partner by end of Feb, 2016. The Overview then will be ready for download from the project website.

Following, the group worked on the questionnaire on WBT to be used in the up-coming online survey. In 3 subgroups – reflecting the main target groups affected by WBT, namely teachers, trainers/instructors and students – a catalogue of relevant questions were collected and finally a first draft of a questionnaire was elaborated.

The second day mainly concentrated on the Gruppe_SLOtransversal tasks of evaluation and dissemination. Built on a Powerpoint given input by Mrs Kissing regarding the importance of a dissemination plan the group agreed on the completion of national dissemination activity plans and the implementation of a project Dissemination and Exploitation plan.

Even though the meeting had to fight with snow and cold weather conditions, the conference was framed by some enjoyable cultural activities such as a social dinner with Slovenian delicacies, a visit to a former coalmining museum and a cheerful bowling evening.