MALTA – Questionnaire

Questionnaire on school-to-work transition systems and work-based training approaches

The Erasmus+ project ‘Work-based training in the school-to-work transition process (WBT)’ was designed to examine the various national settings European countries provide in order to integrate young people after their regular schooling into the labour market. The project looks at the role work-based learning and training plays in this context and wants to find out how people feel about their national approach to a smooth transition from school to work. Accordingly,
(1) teachers/pedagogues,
(2) trainers/in company instructors and
(3) young students/apprentices
are asked on their opinion on work-based training approaches in the context of the specific school-to work transition process. The overall aim is to learn about the advantages and drawbacks of the specific transition system and to identify spaces for improvement.
The WBT project brings together public and private educational institutions from 9 European countries. Please help us to understand your point of view regarding the transition from school to work in your country and your opinion concerning work-based learning and teaching methods you are confronted with.
The online survey will be carried out in the months May till September 2016.

Please first select your language and following your status: teacher – trainer – student. The answering will take you about 20 to 30 minutes.

Thank you very much for your contribution!

Trainers/in company instructors
Young students/apprentices